The biggest boreal dawn of always

Many are the images of carried through boreal dawns from the land, but few so impressive as the made ones for Ole Christian Salomonsen in Tromso, in the Norway. The boreal dawn was sufficiently strong, as much that it affirms that nor wise person wise person for where to point the camera, could not focar it completely.

The dawns shine due to fótons emitted by atoms of oxygen and nitrogen of the superior part of the atmosphere. These atoms are excited by electrons and guided protones that arrive at the Land, for the terrestrial magnetic field, for the polar regions. Therefore they are more common in these latitudes.

How much to the colors, an oxygen atom results colored; when a nitrogen atom is ionized, acquires a more bluish tone; finally, known green that appears when the atoms come back its natural state.

The images had been made with a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon EF 16-35 Mark II, with an opening of 2.8, exposition of 7 seconds and ISO 2500.

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