Gastrite combines with lemon?

The gastrite is an inflammation of the superficial layer of the covering fabric of the stomach: the gastric mucosa. Stress, tobaccoism, inadequate feeding, abuse of the alcohol and the presence of bacterium H.pylori are some factors that propitiate its manifestation. As symptoms, we have queimação, badly to be, migraine and, in some cases, vomit. These occur when the individual eats very fast or is without if feeding in great intervals; e when it ingests definitive foods or it feels emotions strong.

In the popular medicine, vegetal as acelga, lettuce, onion, chuchu, papaya, pear and tamarindo; they are indicated to be about this disease. One also hears to speak in the use of the lemon for such - but it will be that this is a good idea?

Many people believe that the lemon, for being acid, can be a great villain of the stomach and duodeno, mainly for whom are acometidos by the gastrite. However, it is not well this what she happens.

A ingested time, this fruit, deriving of the Citrus plant limonum, stimulates the production of carbonates and organic bicarbonates in our organism. Moreover, acid the citric one if oxidates, acting as a base. Such substances, allied to the other components of the lemon - felandrina, organic, bioflavonoides, pectinas terpênicos, limonina, oil essential, acid hydro-carbons, vitamin, B1 vitamin, B2 vitamin, you leave minerals and vitamin C - control the stomachal acidity and eliminate residues, regenerating the inflamed fabrics. Thus, it also prevents other illnesses.

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