Witch of the Bells

rat of the only registered case of the death of one human being for a ghost in the United States.
In the spring of 1817 John Bell it was changed with its family for the American state of the Tenesse. John, its Lucy wife and its 3 children had had a normal life in the first months in the new house. The Bells had started then to hear sounds and tremors in its property. Most incredible it is that alone it happened around of the house and it lasted weeks. A night, its son Richard tells that a racket took account of its room. It was impossible to sleep anetes of the 3 hours of the morning, when the racket stopped.
The attacks with the time had been being each time more violent of form that the Bells that before kept secret on the subject had had that to ask for aid. The relioso James Johnston was the first one to try to banish the ghost. With the aid of its bible it interrogated the ghost in search of answers. Until a future American president Andrew Jackson he was in 1819 to observe the phenomena. The ghost seemed to be more active and was heard laughing for all the house. The neighborhood discovered the case and started to call the thing the Witch of the Bells.

According to witnesses, the witch swore to torment John Bell until its death, that occurred due an enormous deceit. A bottle that contained its remedy was changed by a mortal poison. The measured one was called to investigate and its verdict was accidental poisoning. Soon this deceit was atribído the witch of the Bells. The witch in the velório of John even tormented the people, laughing in order to be heard by all.

In the old property of the Bells a cave exists. The current owners tell that strange events in this cave happen very. Would be today the cave the place where the Witch of the Bells?
For some the Kate Batts, a neighboring eccentric person of the Bells, that disputed lands with John Bell was who played the curse that killed John.

The Witch of the Bells is one of histories of known ghost more of the United States and in 2006 this American celebrity in case that turned film one more time, with the heading of “Curse” (An American Hauting), directed for Courtney Solomon.

The Witch of the Bells
One is about the only registered case of the death of a human being for a ghost in the United States beyond being the case most famous of the country.

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