Trick of the Cup

The board of Or-ija is a very common toy in the United States, a wooden board for the communication with deceased. Then all the participants placed the fingers ina record with an arrow indicate letter for letter the messages other world. In Brazil, the toy never arrived, but its variant. The famous “trick of the improvised cup” with a cup of jelly (although to say that it would have to be virgin) and a bristol board with the drawn alphabet, beyond the words “yes” “not” and “good bye”. Already vi children to be imprisoned in the trick for a stubborn spirit that if refused to say good bye.

The Truth:
We go to admit, always somebody moved the cup with the finger. I myself always invented a spirit any to place fear in my friends. A time, we ask “who is there” the cup started to describe its movement spelling “the GAL…” I looked at for my colleagues and I spoke: “People, the GAL Coast you the alive one, you the good one? ” The cup stopped mysteriously for a time and later it shyly continued finishing the word “Galcaia” that would be supposedly an indian ghost. It was as much laugh that nobody never more believed the trick.

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