Quality of sperm of who lives in the transit is worse that of infertile men

Men who breathe much pollution have a sperm of queven though inferior alidade to the one of infertile men. He is what he shows to study of the urologista Jorge Hallak, of the Hospital of the Clinics of the College of Medicine of the USP (University of São Paulo).

The survey was made with 748 workers who inalaram the air of great public ways, as drivers of bus and taxi.

The explanation is in the fuel that the Brazilian automobiles use, that in accordance with the doctor counts on great amount of metals weighed, what affects the organism directly. Hallak affirms that the solution in short term is palliative: use of masks with filters.

Today, 15% of world-wide the masculine population are infertile, bigger tax that the feminine infertility. Beyond the pollution, other factors can cause the deficiency, between them estresse, tobaccoism, obesidade, sedentarismo and use of anabolizantes.

However, two terços of the cases of masculine infertility can be reverted well will have been diagnosised and treated.

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