The fashion is to take water of iceberg
Melted and bottled pieces of iceberg are the last fashion enterthe supplied families of California. The water is commercialized under the name of Borealis and the advertising campaign divulges the purest product as “of the pure ones”. The slogan has an explanation: the French, leader water of market so far, covers a way of ten years between volcanic rocks purificam that it they enrich and it; on the other hand, the younger pieces of iceberg date of about ten a thousand years, having been congealed very before the Land starting to suffer the effect from the ambient contamination. But the French competitors already had started to disqualify “the new” pureness of the water, being affirmed that “probably the liquid contains piss remaining portions of polar animals”. The local authorities if entusiasmam thinking that, when persisting the “fashion” of the purer water “between the pure ones”, its value of market could surpass even though of the oil. A bottle of it arrives to cost US$ 10 currently.

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