When and as the condom appeared

During centuries, men and women have looked contraceptive methods, several had been tested, but the majority if only showed painful and inefficacious. In the attempt to preventa indesejada pregnancy or sexually transmissible illnesses the humanity invented so strange formulas how much ginger and juice of the tobacco or excrementos of crocodile, that possesss pH alkaline, as well as the modern espermicidas.

The birth of the condom was not much more noble of what this. In Asia a wrap of paper of silk was used dipped in grease with oil. In Old Egypt the Egyptians already used ancestral of condoms not as contraceptive, but as protection against pricked of insects (during the hunted ones, not in the sex). They were made of fabric or other little efficient porous materials as contraceptive methods.

But, during the Average Age, with the dissemination of venereal diseases in the Europe if she made necessary the invention of a more efficient method. In 1564, the anatomist and surgeon Gabrielle Fallopio confectioned a hemp lining of the size of the absorbed penis and in grass. More ahead, these condoms had passed to be absorbed in chemical solutions (supposedly espermicidas) and later dried.

It was alone in century XVII, that the condom gained a “touch of classroom”. The Dr. Quondam, alarmed with the number of illegitimate children of the king Carlos II of England (1630-1685), created a protector made with gut of animals. The adjustment of the open extremity was done with a bow, what, obviously, he was not very cômodo, but the device made as much success that it has who says that the name in English (condom) would be a homage to the doctor. Other registers indicate that the name seems to come same of Latin “condus” (stowage).

The “condom-gut” followed being used, up to 1839, when Charles Goodyear discovered the process of vulcanization of the rubber, making it flexible the ambient temperature. But if it does not liven up that the absolute hygiene not yet was born. At this time, the rubber condoms were thick and expensive and for this washed and reused diverse times.

The latex condoms alone had appeared in 1880 and from there they had evolved to the measure that new materials had been developed, adding to new forms, improving the trustworthiness and durability.

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