Storms of frogs and sapos

Although to be a phenomenon very rare the “rain” of frogs, sapos and other small animals as fish and lagartixas already was registered in some places of the world. But it does not start to think about Biblical plagues because the fall of the sky of these unfortunate bichinhos can easily be explained scientifically.

The cause in the truth is singela well. The ascending current air forts that we find in the become ones or storms of high intensity can absorb or push for top any object or animal that has not been enough prevented to look a shelter. For this nobody hears to say in rain of moles or rabbits, that quickly look shelter in storm case.

A time pushed for the nucleus of the storm or Tornado, chains inside keep the ascending them of clouds, being fustigated by forts airflows until the storm loses intensity. There then, everything what he had been absorbed for the storm yields before the law of the gravity and falls, creating a true “rain”.

When we study the airflows that if find inside of storms see that he is not so strange that this happens, since the 200 the ascending winds can arrive km/h, capable to launch for high the any object that has been absorbed. This phenomenon already killed some practitioners of wing-delta who, for a reliable excess, had flied close excessively to a Tornado and had finished being pushed until its “top”, more than the 11 a thousand meters of height.

To this height the temperatures are so low that any alive being dies frozen. Some pilots had exactly arrived to try to get loose itself of the wing-delta to launch itself in free fall, but the winds were so intense that they had been pushed for top in the same way.

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