The Seven Peaks
The Seven Peaks are a set of mountains formed by the higher ground positions in each one of the continents. The denominationbecame popular enters the montanhistas in 1985, due to publication of the book of Dick Bass, call Seven Summits. The points are: Kilimanjaro, in the Tanzânia (Africa), with 5.895 height m; McKinley, in the United States (Am. of the North), with 6.193 m; Aconcágua, in Argentina (Am. of the South), with 6.962 m; Vinson, in the Antartic, with 4.897 m; Everest, in the Nepal (Asia), with 8.850 m; Elbro, in Russia (Europe), with 5.641 m; e Kosciusko, in Australia (Oceania), with 2.228 m. Curious detail is that, in accordance with this classification, the North America and of the South are considered continent different (where will be that it was for Central America).

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