The history of the Mario

In 1980, after an attempt without success of Nintendo when making a game based on the drawing Popeye, Miyamoto, considered the father of the Mario, was then requested for the company to project a new game based on its proper ideas. The result of this was Donkey Kong, in the personage“Jumpman” (Mario) tried to save its namorada Pauline of gorila Donkey Kong.

To be seen as human being and not as a mutant or something seemed, they had placed in Mario, an enormous mustache. In the United States, the people had perceived that Mario was extremely similar to an employee of the Nintendo, called Mario Segali, from there came the idea to change the name of Jumpman for Mario, that already started to be used in the next game to Miyamoto, Donkey Kong Jr.

Mario originally was carpenter, but after the pipes in which it entered literally, in famosíssimo game Mario Bros, passed to be considered plumber. After the tremendous success in the Mario Bros, the personage was being worked still more. They had created Luigi, its brother, moreover, had mounted an elaborated history most, with well defined objectives and villains, beyond developing them to be able and the friends of Mario.

The plumber is without a doubt the main Nintendo icon and perhaps either also, the main one of the electronic games. The Mario series already more than possesss 184 million vendidas copies, and the games of Mario go since modest Super Nintendo until the Wii modern, both of Nintendo.

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