Cemetaries of airplanes

The place in the way desert it is known as cemetary of airplanes. They are 4,550 aircraft.
Any country that had access to these equipment if would become a military rated power.
In the enormous desert of Arizona, aircraft that had bombed cities and killed enemies now rest in silence.
Powerful the Hércules is chained, to prevent an undesirable flight, in a storm of the American desert.

The dry air of Arizona, however, is a remedy against the corrosion.
E the white covering that of the one pale tone to the huge ones reflects the heat of the desert and prevents the consuming of the parts.
The center of maintenance and regeneration of aircraft of the United States was created to keep the airplanes that had survived to World War II.
Later they had come new confrontations, new technologies and more pensioners.
But if it is not deceptive: the ghosts of the desert can come back at any time to skies.

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