T-shirt, clothes of war

The use of a part of light and comfortable clothes to facethe hot and humid days of summer was idea of the European soldiers during the World War I. The American combatants, died of envy for the heat who passed with heavy the uniforms of cotton, had taken the finding for U.S.A., where the clothes turned fashion and were incorporated by the navy and army in 1942. The part without sleeves, that was called T-shirt (shirt-t, given name had its format), was done of cotton and had the rounded off gullet. Its popularização was definitive in years 50, thanks to the cinema and television. Actors as John Wayne and Marlon Brando had shocked America when appearing having used nothing on the t-shirt in national chain. But who was James Dean became it symbol of youth and revolt in Rebel Causes It to Without (Rebellious without Cause - 1955).

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