Invention and aspiration of Gillette

The first blade to shave was created in 1895 for the American King C.Gillette (1855-1932), a trader who wanted to invent a product of wide use between the people, but that also she could be used, played outside and bought again. The idea appeared at the most likely moment: while it was shaved. It remembered the bother to have to use a razor, that lost the wire and needed constant repair, and then conceived a device that used fine dismissable blades. Its idea alone arrived at the market six years later, vendendo 90 a thousand blades in first the three years. Gillette also was involved directly with the socialist movement in U.S.A. The inventor, then called utopian, foresaw in the book The Human Drift (1894) the transformation of entire cities in an only complex (Metrópolis), fed for hidroelétrica energy, not-pollutant and capable to produce and to distribute everything that the population needs.

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