The royalty

# the corridor most long of the world is constructed in the Great Gallery of the Museum of the Louvre, in Paris. It was constructedin 1607 by the king Enrique IV. In days of rain, the king was walking that way. Until he practised hunting to the fox in the corridor.

# the French king Luis XIV had 413 beds. In its cut, the prestige of the people was measured for the weight of the chair where he was allowed them to seat: how much bigger the weight, greater prestige. But the king and the queen could use chairs with arms.

# a small elevator was installed in the palace of Versailles, France, 1743. It bound to the room of the king Luis XV to the aposentos of loving its, madame of Châteauroux, in the floor of low.

# In one normal supper, the king Luis XIV ate 4 plates of soup, two entire pheasants, 2 pieces of ham, 1 salada, meat of kid with garlic, fruits, candies and 1 egg cooked. Later that it died, uncovered that its stomach was 2 times bigger that a normal stomach.

# the queen Victory, of England, did not allow that the real train travelled the 45 more than km/h. A time, it perceived that the train walked to a superior speed to this and ordered to beat and to fire the machinist.

# Peter, the Great one, emperor of Russia between 1682 and 1725, was really great: it had 2,13 meters. Already the frightful Átila, king of the Hunos, measured 1,06 meter.

# Akbar, an Indian emperor of century XVI, used an entire garden as chessboard. The parts were dancers of its palace. The players were seated in the high one of a tower and commanded the movements to the alive parts.

# In 1819, in the reign of Luis XIII, the population of 700 a thousand inhabitants, took 600 a thousand banns, average of less than 1 annual bath for inhabitant.

# Luis XIII took its first bath to the 7 years of age, because at the time it had the fear of that the water amolecesse the organism and hindered the growth.

# the bathtub that Luis XIV ordered to install in the Palace of Versailles, for absolutely use lack, was converted into garden source.

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