* The diamond is the mineral hardest of the planet. No mineralor substance that has inferior hardness of the diamond (in Escala Mohs, that quantifies the hardness of metals, it has level 10, that it is the principle) obtains to scratch out it. On the other hand, it is very fragile and if it breaks easily.

* The diamonds are perpetual same? Not. They are pure carbon composites and the carbon meagers with the time.

* The value of a diamond is measured by its color, pureness, stonecutting and weight.

* The brilliant is a diamond stoned with rounded off forms.

* Of the rocks found in world 80% they come of Angola, Australia, Botsuana, Namíbia, South Africa, Russia and the Congo.

* They are necessary about 250 tons of gravel extracting one carat of diamond.

* In 1988 nine diamonds form vendidos in New York in the store Sotheby's and Christie's. Most expensive 185,2 a thousand dollars and 926,315 a thousand dollars for carat had been bought at auction by!

* A rude rock of 2 carats produces a diamond stoned of 1 carat.

* Indian emperor Shanh Johan, that he ordered to construct the Taj Mahal, used a diamond of 88 carats in its ceremony of crown, in 1628.

* The biggest diamond of century XXI, the egg yolk Promise of the Lesoto, has 603 carats of weight, the equivalent the 120 gram (the same that a golf ball). It has this name because he was found in the Lesoto, an African country. He was vendido by 12,4 million dollar in October of 2007.

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