# It is considered energizante, regenerative, antigripal, preventive ofcardiac and circulatórios problems, antibiotic natural, beyond excellent coadjuvante in the treatment of other illnesses.

# the Greek poet Homero tells in its epic poem, Odyssey, that Ulisses used the garlic to make Circe to get passionate itself for it, getting rid itself thus of a witch.

# the slaves who had constructed the pyramid of faraó Tutankamon fed themselves with enormous amounts of garlic to guarantee the forces and if to exempt of a without-number of illnesses, as tifo and surtos of cólera.

# the Greeks recommended garlic tea to become the voice most limpid and to move away grippes, cooled, coughs, bronquites and asthma. Everything this with the endorsement of dr. Hipócrates that, in its compendiums of medicine, already cited the vapor use of garlic in the treatment of tumors.

# Researchers had discovered in the garlic an bactericidal action. In the World War I, when other anti-septic ones failed, the doctors used a garlic folder to deal with infectados wounds.

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