* When the Spanish conquerors had invaded the Aztec Empire, in 1518, had found prostitutes who chewed a type of gum, discovery hundreds of years before for the Mayans, in the south of Mexico. They had perceived thatchicle - a thick and milky liquid that left cuts made in the tree sapodilha and later hardened in gum form - was extremely flavorful.

* In 1993, however, the Swedish researcher Bangt Nordqvist published a scientific article in which it affirmed that the gum to chew had appeared very before. It found in the south of its country three resin pieces of birch chewed by human teeth close to skeletons of the time of the Age of the Rock. Nordqvist affirms that the product contains zilitol, a used deodorant for dental cleanness, that helped the primitive men to keep the protecting arches.

* As much that is truth that first chiclete was patented in day 28 of December of 1869 for the American dentist William Semple. Using the rubber as raw material, it produced gums so that its patients exercised the jaw and stimulated the gengivas. It exists until today under the name of Chiclets.

* But the great revolution in the old habit to chew was headed by the photographer Thomas Adams Jr It discovered that the gum served as dainty.

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