Tennis of table or ping-pong?

The first registers of the table tennis date of the second half of century XIX, in England, period where he wasknown for different names. No longer final of the century, James Gibb, an English maratonista pensioner, introduced to the game just-acquired celluloid balls in U.S.A. When hearing the small balls beating in raquetes hollow of lambskin, Gibb associated the sound to the word “ping-pong”, that its more popular nickname became until the present. However in 1921-22, in the attempt to establish an association of ping-pong that it registered the official rules of the sport in the Country of Wales, its organizadores had been legally hindered, therefore “ping-pong” already was a registered mark. Thus, the nomenclature “table tennis” came back to be adopted. Few years later, the English rules had been accepted internationally, walking to the unification of the sport. The table tennis was raised the condition of olímpico sport in 1988.

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