The different languages of Belgium
Belgium already was an immense country inhabited for tribes celtas and the Germanics. Its territory occupied since the Sea of the North until the Marne and the Sena, in France. In century IV, however, the Romans had divided the region in provinces, exploring and colonizing the South part. It was this ethnic division that gave origin to the two peoples who form the country, of a side (South) the Walloons, descendants of the Romans and falantes of the Frenchman, and another one, the flamengos, relatives of the first inhabitants of the region. In the attempt to increase the agreement the so heterogênia population of the country enters, was promulgated in August of 1963 a law that established four linguistic regions: Flandres, to the north, of language flamenga; the region of French language, or Walloon, to the south; the east the German language; e the bilingual area of Brussels (flamengo and Frenchman).

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