First Cocaine-glue was vendida in 1886
The first bottle of Coca-Cola was vendida in day 08 of May of 1886, in Atlanta, U.S.A. Created for the druggist John S.Pemberton, the drink was initially vendida as a boiled must capable to cure “all males of the soul and it body” for only $5 cents. For financial difficulties, Pemberton vendeu the formula for the entrepreneur Wing G. Candle in 1891, that the Coca-Cola Company created.
In Brazil, the cooling one arrived informally in 1941, in Recife and was initially produced by the Mineral Water Plant Clara Saint, until miniplants were installed in the pernambucana capital and Christmas, in the Rio Grande of the North. The local one was known as “Running of the Victory”, obligator stop of the ships for the Europe in full World War II.
The first plant of the Cocaine-glue was installed in then the capital one of Brazil, Rio De Janeiro. Where, in 18 of April of 1942, ml. left Rio De Janeiro 185 first Refreshments garrafinhas of

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