You calculate why them are called murderous whales?

Although calls of “assassins”, do not have register some ofattack of you calculate the human beings in its half natural one. Me the fame of this mammal of five tons must, in the truth, to one misunderstanding. When the divers and whalers had discovered you calculate that them, that they live and they eat in groups of up to 50 individuals, attack whales of different species had called, them “assassins of whales”, nickname that finished turning “murderous whale”. He calculates it, that in the truth it is a species of dolphin - both belong to the same family - can measure up to 9,5 meters. Its coloration black in back helps to camouflage it with deep of sea, whereas belly confuses the white it with the light of the sun, that comes of the surface, for sees who it of low.

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