Tyson, the Demolisher

* Michael Gerald Tyson was born in 30 of June of 1966 in New York, United States.

* It was discovered by Cus D' Amato in the reformatory Tryon School - deposit of youthful delinquents. He had 13 years and deteriorated teeth.

* The first fight of the boxer occurred against Hector Mercedes, in 6 of March of 1985. It was successful in the first assault.

* One of the reasons for the efficiency of the socos of Tyson is the fact of being ambidextrous - to use both the hands with equal easiness.

* To the 20, already he was the youngest champion of the history of the category of the heavy weights. Its commemoration was to spill champagne on the tomb of Cus.

* There the hook of left of this machine to beat already caused an impact of 120 kilos - against 90 kilos of Muhammad and 85 kilos of the Maguila Brazilian.

* Its first defeat was for James “Buster” Douglas, in day 11 of February of 1990, in Tokyo, Japan. Tyson fell in the half of 11º assault.

* It was married two times. Robin Givens, its first wife, little before if separating of the athlete, worse declared in an interview to a national television channel that its conjugal life age “one tortures, a true hell, of what everything that if can imagine”. The two had been together between 1988 and 1989. Its second wife was Monica Turner. Tyson took the young woman to the altar in 1997. They had divorced themselves in 2003.

* In July of 1991, Tyson was invited to integrate the jury of the “Miss Black America”. It finished defendant of rape for one participant them, Desiree Washington. The convict, was for the arrest in order to fulfill a penalty of six years. For good behavior, he passed only four years in the chain.

* Prisoner, Mike Tyson if converted the islamismo into 1992, and adopted the name “Malek Abdul Aziz”. Also he studied philosophy and history of boxe, and tatuou the figure of Hand Tsé-Tung in the arm. Another recorded historical figure in the body of the fighter is Che Guevara, in its abdomen.

* Still in the arrest, it made a tattooing in homage to the tenista deceased black Arthur Ashe in the biceps. Also it had a tooth encapado with gold eighteen carats as talisman.

* In 28 of June of 1997, Tyson was declassified of a fight to pulling out the gears a piece of the ear of the fighter Evander Holyfield. Because of the incident, it took a fine of 3 million dollar and lost the license of boxe of the Nevada.

* During a collective one of the press in 2000, it lost the patience and it started to cry out: “I am a convicted violator! I am an animal! I am the person dullest of boxe! I have to leave daqui before it kills somebody”.

* In 2003, Tyson if saw debtor to decree bankruptcy; its debts accumulated 40 million dollar. A difficult fact of if imagining for that, in the height of the career, possuía a patrimony evaluated in 300 million dollar.

* Tyson locked up its career in 12 of June of 2005, after being defeated by the Kevin Irishan. Its resume counted on 50 victories (44 knock-outs) and five defeats.

* During ticket for Brazil, in 2005, the fighter attacked a cinegrafista in boate paulistana “Lovestory”. In the police station, on the aid of an interpreter, Tyson he counted its version of the events and was set free.

* In the 2006 end, in December, Mike Tyson was imprisoned in Scottsdale, Arizona, for directing under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. The pugilista was condemned to one day of arrest and three years in conditional regimen of freedom.

* Part of the penalty was fulfilled almost one year later, in November of 2007, when Tyson the Tent City, considered one of the arrests most rigid of the world was ordered. There, the former-weight heavy dressed suit of the prisoners the same - striped, black and white - and was obliged to use handcuffs and stockings roses.

* In 26 of May of 2009, to 11h45, Exodus Tyson, son of Mike, were declared deceased after one day of internment. The girl of 4 years was found with the neck rolled in a handle of a mat, in the house of the family, in Phoenix, for the brother Miguel, of 7 years. Beyond Exodus and Miguel, Mike Tyson possesss others five children, with diverse women.

* Tyson if married in ceremony carried through in Wools Vegas, two weeks after the death of Exodus, in day 6 of June of 2009. Lakiha Spicer, that already was accompanying of the fighter before the marriage, is the third wife of Mike Tyson.

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