* Popular in England in centuries XVIII and XIX, the fights of boxe with the discovered hands were brutais. The sport was remodelled in1867 with the Rules of Quensberry. These rules foresaw rounds of three minutes and the use of gloves. They had entered in vigor in 1872.

* Ringue is a square that can measure of 4,90 the 6,10 of each side.

* The gloves weigh between eight and ten ounces (224 the 280 g g).

* The fights have twelve assaults of three minutes. In the Olímpicos Games, the fights are disputed in only three rounds of three minutes.

* Each fight has a group of five juries.

* The bag of trainings weighs between forty and fifty kilos. It is made of stuffed leather and of serragem. Pushing ball, that one menorzinha, weighs between 300 and 500 grams.

* The first valid fight for the heading of weight-heavy was carried through in 7 of September of 1892 for John Lawrence Sullivan and James J. Corbett.

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