# the cheese is one of the foods that the biggest calcium concentration possesss. An average slice of mussarela contains 207 mg of the mineral.

# For return of 400 B.C. the estruscos not only produced its proper cheese with goat milk, as they ralavam already it, as he was proven in archaeological hollowings.

# British Scientists had announced that, in contrast the popular belief, the rats and mice do not like cheese. In the truth they like exactly are of foods with high text of sugar, as supreme and fruits and would have certain disgust for flavor foods and smell forts, as the cheese.

# In some countries of the Europe, where the culture of trufas exists (mushrooms), the dogs are trained would iguaria to find it with the embedded piece use of cheese under the ground. Its I smell fort facilitates the search, and the cachorros costumam to appreciate the flavor very.

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